Diary and Forthcoming Task Days

Our Diary Dates for Working Groups for 2019

February 10 – Thinning hollies near the top of Ghyll Steps

March 10 – Burning brash and dead hedging new Two Bridges

April 14 – Litter Pick

May 12 – A walk around the woods. We will be identifying species, recording them for upload to iRecord. We can discuss the habitats and work we may be doing in the future. If you are lucky, selected passages will be read from the Management Plan.

June 9 – A series of small tasks:

  • Removing bramble from the Bluebell Walk.
  • Removing the fallen tree from the meadow.
  • Pulling sycamores in the wet area below the meadow.
  • Removing a patch of Rhododendron between Anemone and the playing field.
  • Picking litter from ponds with a long litter picker (if its ready in time).

September 8 – Raking the Meadow.

October 13 – Pond Maintenance. This time the lake will be in for a clear-up.

November 3 – Coppicing hazel near Badgers Path.

December 8 – Coppicing hazel near Badgers Path.

General Dates in the Season:

Early March to end of July – Bird nesting season. Tree felling is kept to a minimum.

April – The Litter Pick

Summer – Meadow mowing and raking

Early Autumn – Pond work whilst the ponds are still low and the residents are no longer living fast paced lives.

December – The Xmas Task