Tasks – Potential Task Days


  • Below Badgers Path
  • Below Pine Path
  • In the Scout Land

Clear Top of Scout Land

  • Survey area
  • Remove invasive species
  • Clear dumped garden waste
  • Remove Sycamores

Shore up the stream banks

Some of the stream banks are eroded by dogs entering the water. Pick a location that is eroded, and is far enough away from the main routes to be worthwhile.

Upstream from Bats Path is a good location.

Reduces turbidity downstream of the shoring.

Make Chestnut Posts

  • Create posts for notices, old ones are rotting.
  • Create posts for static photo of a coppiced area. Essentially a slab of chestnut with slots cut into it to fix mobile cameras to a known position. Users upload images and we animate them. Needs website support.

Continue dredging Lancaster Pond

After a very dry summer, Lancaster Pond can be accessible to allow the depth to be increased. Will need planks for wheelbarrows, or a rope/pulley system to get spoil out of the pond.