Tasks – The Early Years

Ashplats Conservation Group was set up in 1997 with the aim of helping restore the wood to its original condition.These are some of the early works carried out by ACG, MSDC and contractors.









In the early 2000s areas of chestnut were coppiced. The wood was taken away by horse to reduce the impact of vehicles on the paths.

Coppiced Chestnut Area in 2002
Coppiced Chestnut Area in 2004

Improving The Main Track

The paths and tracks in the woodland needed attention.

The main Holtye Track was made passable by ditching down both sides of it with a digger. Drainage was installed at the ends on the ditches.

The Original Condition of the Track
Digger Leveling and Ditching the Track.
Smoothing the Surface.
Drains Under a Crossing Path